Joining Adobe!

I’m pleased to announce that as of next week (July 26th) I will be joining Adobe as a Technical Evangelist, with an emphasis on enterprise mobile applications! Many of you know that I’ve been passionate about the Adobe ecosystem for quite a few years… I became really involved late in the Macromedia days, and have worked with Flex since 1.5 and Flash since version 3 (now working on version 11). I’ve had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects, and a lot has changed throughout this time. I have been fortunate to witness the changes throughout the web that have been made possible by Adobe’s technologies, and I’m even more excited that I now get to play a part in it.

In the last year I have primarily focused on mobile application development (both phone and tablet paradigms)… native Objective-C for iOS, HTML5, Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap, a little bit of native Android, and (last, but most definitely not the least) Adobe AIR for mobile (BlackBerry, Android, and iOS). Now, I am excited to use this experience to show how Adobe’s technologies can be used in web, desktop, and mobile scenarios, for building incredible applications on multiple platforms, with an easy-to-use and extremely powerful development paradigm.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank my current employer, Universal Mind, for the opportunities that I’ve had while working here. While with UM I have had a great experience, and I wish them many great successes in the future. It has been an awesome time, and I’ve had the good fortune of being a part of some ground-breaking and exciting projects (while also getting to work with some of the best and brightest in the consulting and design industry).

This is an exciting opportunity, and I am happy to share it with all of you. If you ever are in need of information or best practices regarding Adobe and/or mobile, please do not hesitate to ask!

Until next time…

  • Kellen Styler

    Congratulations Andy! It has been great working with you and I wish you the best!! This is an amazing opportunity!

    • Andrew

      Thanks Kellen! It has been great working with you as well. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we cross paths.

  • DannyT

    Congrats Andrew, was always a fan of your InsideRIA posts so looking forwards to what comes from you now you’re on the inside!

  • Igor Costa

    Congrats to the new challenges.

    Good to know you’re in good place.

  • Terrence Ryan

    Welcome to the team, Andy.

  • Bill Perry

    Congrats on joining their team. You’ll have a blast and get to work with a lot of smart and passionate peers.

  • http://Website Rachel Luxemburg

    Welcome aboard! :)

  • Michael Chaize

    Welcome to the team Andy ! It’s cool to have you on board ! See you in SF soon.

  • Jerry Silverman

    Welcome to Adobe, Andrew! Hope we can connect at some point — I work in the Gov group :-)

  • Ben Forta

    Andy, really glad to have you on the team, welcome aboard!

    — Ben

  • Renaun Erickson

    Cool, glad you joined the team :)

    • Andrew

      Thanks everyone for the congratulations and well wishes. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity, and looking forward to what lies ahead!

  • Mark Doherty

    Welcome to the team Andy, you’re in for a fantastic time :)

  • Holly Schinsky

    Welcome to the team Andy :)!!! Look forward to meeting you soon!

  • Mihai Corlan

    Welcome to the team Andy! You’ll have a great time here :)

  • Karen Hartley

    Sounds like a great fit, Andy! Congrats on the move!

  • Scott Barnett

    Great for you…! Hope you will continue your insights to Flash Builder and its companion products as you advance the Adobe cause forward. Cheers