A Single Code Base, Lots of Devices

Here’s a quick teaser for a multi-part series I’m working on: 1 code base, 1 application framework, 4 platforms, 7 devices, 5 ecosystems…

Single Code Base, Lots of Devices

Yes, that is correct…

1 codebase, Adobe Flex

1 framework, Adobe AIR

4 platforms

7 devices (these are just devices I have):

5 ecosystems

This is just a teaser, but I’ll soon be releasing details how to take an application idea and deliver it to multiple ecosystems, all with a single toolset. Stay tuned…

  • http://www.ivanalvarez.com Ivan Alvarez

    Im a huge fan of flex apps since 1.5, however at this moment i can not use flex for the android market because its only available for the ARM7 architecture, is any possibility to change in the near future?

    Thanks Andrew

  • http://www.tidyslice.com @dannyGeek Daniel Ramos

    Definitely, we’re going to be tuned

  • http://limerocket.com Mike G – Lime Rocket

    Andrew I can’t wait to see this series posted, nice job on being able to get all those devices nicely in shot too 😛

    I have been doing some AIR multiplatform & multiscreen demos lately and it’s very cool watching peoples reactions as you load up your app on each device.

    If you could squeeze a little bit more out of the device budget I would highly recommend you get yourself an iPod Touch 4th Gen. These run basically the same display & ARM hardware as the iPhone 4.

    Now if you could squeeze a lot more out of the budget you need to get a 55inch Samsung Smart TV to sit behind them all running it as an AIR For TV app as well 😉 Exciting times…



    • http://www.tricedesigns.com Andrew

      I’ll definitely work on the 55″ TV… I just don’t think I can do my job without it. 🙂

  • http://www.darshanrane.com Darshan

    Absolute Cracker, Waiting for it.

  • Anant Karve

    Definitely waiting for it, the concept itself is too enticing!
    Waiting for any new bits and pieces of information I can get.

  • http://www.armadamusicshop.com Maarten Luijt

    Hi Andrew,

    Have you made an progress since aug 15th?

    I’m very curious. Currently we work on flex sdk 4.5 and will start to play with 4.6 as we speak.

    After your post on aug 15th I contacted Holly (sorry I could not find the url to this blog on the adobe site anymore at that time). She responded she would look if she could point me to some people were solving the same problems as I want to solve in my next upgrade.

    I’m looking to some documentation or whitepaper which I can use a a checklist in making the flex application suitable for web and mobile.. and solve same issues as you have. (different UI requirements per OS and user target group (ios,android), different screensizes, different ppi’s). I’m also investigating if and how we can program our application in such way that if a user get’s to our web and his device does not support flash. the application can present a suitable app in such a way the visitor will not leave and continue to use our application.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Cheers, Maarten