Project Awesome

Here’s a little demo I put together that I’m just too excited not to share… Fellow Adobe Evangelist Christophe Coenraets has an awesome Mobile Trader application that highlights the power of LCCS collaboration and realtime information, using Flex for mobile.  I decided to see if that same collaboration example would work with the Stage3D data visualization component I’ve been playing around with, and guess what:  it works fantastic.  I’ve given it the nickname “project awesome” b/c it combines realtime collaboration (audio, video & data), Stage3D hardware accelerated graphics, and desktop to mobile paradigms.   Check it out below:

If you haven’t already seen Christophe’s Mobile Trader, you can check it out here:

Christophe has made the source of the Mobile Trader application freely available on github, so go download it and creating your own collaborative applications! I know, you *really* want to see Stage3D out in the public… I promise you, it is coming, and it will be enable you to build great apps & games.

I almost forgot to mention: I wrote less than 200 lines of code to create project awesome!   It uses the Away3D library, and LCCS… the hard stuff is easy with Flex.

  • JC Lang

    This is fantastic work! Thank you for sharing.

  • Christian

    That’s some wicked performance.

    Will Adobe support Stage3D on the Iphone or is this just for android devices?

    • Andrew

      Once released, it will support both iOS and Android.

  • Eduardo

    A well chosen name: it is truly Awesome!
    Cannot wait for Stage3D to be available.

  • Christian Johansson

    That sounds great. Will the Iphone be hardware supported or will it just degrade to the software renderer?

    • Andrew

      The iPhone will also be supported, and will be hardware accelerated.

  • Joseph

    Looking forward!

    The rendering seems fantastic! I am curious also on the optimization techniques implemented 🙂

    Thanks again Christophe.

  • Mike

    Andrew, I’ve been looking around your blog for samples to play with on the PlayBook since I am dabbling in AS3/Flex development and found your work including Project Awesome and what your doing with Stage3D quite interesting.

    But I am pretty new to Flash and am trying to leverage Google Maps on the PlayBook. I found your demo at linked from Google however cannot find a way to contact you (besides here) to request sample source code for your Google Maps 3D demo with zoom and KML loading (that have me very intrigued).

    I would be very grateful if you were to reply and apologize that I left this comment in the wrong place (please delete it if needed). Thank you.

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  • Leng

    Looks great. Seems that IOS is missing from the video. Is Stage3D supported in IOS with the latest Air 3 RC version?

    • Andrew

      iOS support is not available at this time. However when released, this will also be supported and hardware accelerated on Apple’s devices.

  • jason @ Voip

    Awesome is the word!

    Can see a great use for that in meetings or in presentations where everyone (probably) has a Smartphone and can see it for themselves in front of their own eyes!


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  • Andrew

    I have posted the source code for a desktop port of my mobile Stage3D examples on this blog at:
    The only changes were to the Flex SDK targeting the Flash player, instead of targeting the mobile SDK. All Stage3D code is exactly the same.