Adobe Tools Make Great Mobile Apps (and Games!)

I awoke this morning to discover that Machinarium, originally developed as a Flash game and recompiled for iOS using Adobe AIR for mobile, is the #1 paid iPad game in Apple’s App Store, and the #2 overall paid iPad application.   Adobe Tools make great apps for mobile devices.

Machinarium #1 in iTunes Games
Machinarium #2 Overall iPad App

Did you know that Adobe Tools can create awesome cross-platform games and applications for iOS, Android, BlackBerry Playbook, desktop web browsers, and cross-platform desktop applications?

Learn more at:

Machinarium is now the #1 paid iPad app:

18 thoughts on “Adobe Tools Make Great Mobile Apps (and Games!)”

  1. Machinarium is great :)

    And there are more games built with flash / air that are rarely mentioned…

    Have a look at the beautiful games by Uncle Handsalt.

    We did an iOS game collection for LEGO Germany in flash as well.

    It works as long as you know your limits, and looking at andrews promising mobile experiments, limits will be gone with the release of stage3d for mobile :)

    Please hurry up, we are waiting for it!

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