Preview: New HTML5/PhoneGap Project

Here’s a quick preview of my new HTML5/PhoneGap data vizualization app. Once released, this will be available on multiple platforms, in multiple app stores, AND it will be completely open source. ¬†Just waiting on app store approvals…

You can expect a full writeup on how this was built after it is released.



This application is now available in iOS and Android markets, and full source code is available. See details at

  • Joel

    Let me guess, waiting on Apple :)

  • DK

    what, no PlayBook? :)

    • Andrew

      Playbook is coming. :) Got it running on one on Fri.

  • Michael

    Awesome! Can’t wait! Quick question; only talblets or is it phone compatible to?

    • Andrew

      Right now, it’s only for tablets. However, I have plans to build a phone interface as well. I do not have a timeline when a phone interface may be available.

  • Andrew

    The application is now live in iOS and Android, and the full source is available. See more detail at

  • Andrew