Enterprise Android Apps W/ PhoneGap

Here are my presentation slides and extra content from last night’s DC Droids meetup. I gave the presentation “Enterprise Android Applications With PhoneGap“.  There were excellent questions and conversations at last night’s event – Thank you everyone for attending, and making it a great meetup.

You can view the presentation here:

Or access the presentation content at: https://github.com/triceam/Presentations.

Here are two of the apps I presented, with source code and additional details:

I discussed strategies for data visualization in PhoneGap apps, which you can read more about here: Data Visualization With Web Standards.

I also discussed code organization and client-side MVC in PhoneGap apps.   I personally have used backbone.js on several projects (although neither of the ones mentioned above).   Other popular frameworks are Angular.js, Ember.js, and Knockout.js. You can read more about various and comparisons of JavaScript client-side MVC frameworks all over the web, but Smashing Magazine has a pretty detailed summary.

  • http://day2daydevelopment.com Marc

    Interesting presentation! I will take a look at the source code you provide above. My question is, what are the disadvantages/advantages of PhoneGap over AIR? I recently started a new project and found that I could do exactly what I wanted to do much faster in AIR than I could in PhoneGap. Now in part that is because I am an AIR/Flex developer and not a hardcore JS guy but it seemed much more complicated to get an app running in PhoneGap in comparison to AIR

  • Jim

    I used phonegap 1 to build an app with DW and xcode – but I can’t begin to understand half the stuff in PG2? From the comments it looks like half of it’s broken anyway..

    • http://www.tricedesigns.com Andrew

      What do you mean “it is half broken anyway”? Where are you seeing these comments? PhoneGap 2.0 works great with Xcode and other platforms.

  • http://www.pdvictor.com/?category=main&title=about Peter Drinnan

    These sample files are what I was need. I’ve been fumbling through this PhoneGap stuff so hopefully now I can get somewhere.


  • http://blog.monnet-usa.com/ Philippe Monnet

    I am also a fan of using PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile and KnockoutJS especially for enterprise apps. I am also using jQuery Templates, but found a way to externalize them as their own file and wrote a “view loader” (see https://github.com/techarch/jquery-viewloader). By using a very modular approach and MVC-style patterns it is then possible to create a complex yet maintainable app. Check-out my tutorial on “creating mobile apps with KnockoutJS, PhoneGap, and jQuery Mobile” at: http://blog.monnet-usa.com/?p=420

  • alina thomas

    I must say I generally use Phonegap and I like all the functionality it. I don’t bother with any of the more advanced data that was discussed, but I can confirm to its incredible usability. Would also have liked to see more advanced topic discussion around Phone Gap topic.


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