Presentations From Dreamforce 2012

I recently returned from a great trip to San Francisco, CA, where I was able to attend Dreamforce –‘s annual conference.  Dreamforce is probably the biggest conference I’ve ever attended, with 90,000 registered attendees consuming the entire Moscone Center and all of downtown San Francisco. While only a small portion of those attendees were technical/developers, it was still a massive turnout. The best part… Dreamforce attendees are really excited about PhoneGap!  I had a fantastic turnout for my sessions, just take a look below!

So, why all the excitement?’s mobile hybrid SDK is built on top of PhoneGap.  This makes consumption of business-critical data in your mobile applications very easy.   You can also use components from the Salesforce Touch platform inside of PhoneGap applications, and even some of Salesforce’s own mobile applications are even built with PhoneGap (Logger, Dreamforce).

I had several presentations focused on PhoneGap, and had great audiences at all of them.  You can access my presentations from the links below.  Just press the “space” key when viewing a presentation to advance to the next slide.

Introduction To PhoneGap

Description: Interested in developing applications for mobile devices, on multiple platforms? Interested in leveraging your existing web development skills to build natively installed applications? Just looking to expand your skill set? Come join Adobe’s Technical Evangelist, Andrew Trice, to learn about cross platform mobile development and PhoneGap. In this session, you will get an introduction to PhoneGap (Apache Cordova), be able to see example PhoneGap applications, and walk through the process of building your first PhoneGap application.

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Data Visualization With Web Standards

Description: Do you have a need to create rich visual data-centric applications, but also have the requirement to use standard web technologies, and don’t know what to do next? Well, you’re in luck! Come to this session to learn about data visualization strategies and frameworks powered entirely by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Native-Like Applications With PhoneGap

Description: Native applications built using web technologies can suffer from the “uncanny valley” effect – where they don’t feel quite right as a native application. In this session we’ll focus on strategies to make your apps feel like native apps, including considerations for a native-feeling UI, platform consistency, and user experience.

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Here are details and source code for several of the PhoneGap applications that I showed:

US Census Browser

US Census Browser

Walkable Restaurants

Walkable Restaurants

Fresh Food Finder

Fresh Food Finder

Lil’ Doodle

Lil' Doodle


5 thoughts on “Presentations From Dreamforce 2012”

  1. Hi Andy thanks for the postings. I’m just starting to get more involved with Saleforce integrations and this should help!

    I heard from folks that Dreamforce was quite an event.

    1. Hi Mark, Yes, it was definitely quite an event… with that many people parts of it are total chaos, but overall a good conference. It’s different than a lot of tech conferences b/c most of the attendees are sales/management, and most of the conference sessions are geared towards those audiences. Salesforce has a native SDK, a web SDK, and a hybrid SDK. The hybrid one is built using PhoneGap. If you’re still doing native development, you can use the native SDK, but if you’re in the HTML world these days, you can access SF using the Hybrid SDK or forcetk.js. Good to hear from you, and I hope all is well!

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