Video: Native vs. Hybrid vs. Web

Here’s a video from the “What Developers Love and Hate about iOS, Android, Windows and HTML5” panel discussion that I took part in during MoDev East back in December.  The panelists represented native app developers, HTML/web developers, and myself-representing the HTML/hybrid app paradigm.

I thought it was a great discussion, and nearly everyone acknowledged the benefits of choosing a hybrid solution such as PhoneGap. (That’s me in the brown jacket.)


  • Kyle

    I understand you’re an Adobe guy, but what do you think about Appcelerator/Titanium in comparison to PhoneGap based on performance or features?

  • Rahul Kumar

    Hello Andrew, I like you framework it is awesome thanks for sharing this.:)
    I liked the session. It was great but phonegap still can’t do anything that native can.
    i developed some app in native and some hybrid apps but
    we can create a app like native eg. services app
    can we if yes then suggest me if not then your suggestion.

    Thanks In Advance.
    Waiting for your Reply

    • Andrew

      Sorry, I’m not quite understanding your question. You can develop lots of great apps with PhoneGap, but we by no means try to force it as a solution to every problem. As I mentioned in the video, mobile web will be most pervasive and accessible to the most people, where native has highest performance, and deepest integration with all native APIs. PhoneGap is in the middle, it gives you a single codebase on multiple platforms (pervasiveness), access to underlying operating system functionality (with extensibility), and the ability to reuse code/skills from web development for building mobile apps. If this doesn’t suit the task at hand, go natve, or go native web.

  • Olanrewaju Sideeq

    @cd27c24ac226229348bc1352b444e923:disqus I believe @triceam:disqus has a point..
    Also stuck with developing a mobile app presently

  • Olanrewaju Sideeq

    Might you suggest how to make rest calls to a web service from inside a phonegap app @triceam:disqus

  • OJayBee

    Andrew, I love this site and am just starting out with phonegap for android. One reason I chose phonegap was to build cross platform. Recently I read on the phonegap build site that only html, css and js files should be uploaded as a zip. This is tricky as I found I had to change the java main file for some functionality (namely to get the actionbar to show). I’d going hybrid / native a very bad idea when using phonegap or will uploading to build via github get me out of jail free?