Featured PhoneGap Apps!

It’s always exciting to see what people in the PhoneGap community area up to.  Seeing featured apps in both iTunes and Google Play that are built with PhoneGap is fantastic.  Keep up the great work everyone!

BitTimer is being featured for iOS Health apps:

BitTimer in iTunes
BitTimer in iTunes

HealthTap is being featured in Google Play

HealthTap in Google Play

Both are made with PhoneGap.  This just made my day!

11 thoughts on “Featured PhoneGap Apps!”

  1. I’ve checked Healthtapp app, and granted it’s better than an average PhoneGap app, it still suffers from occasional hiccups on displaying lists, constantly reloading pages (I wonder why app wouldn’t cache pages when I go back to them).

    I’ve tested on iPod touch 4th gen which is pretty average performance wise these days. App experience gets better when you use it on higher performance devices.

  2. Digipea your favourite places http://www.digipea.com is featured in both Italian and Spanish appStores (lifestyle what’s hot section) since his first version launch (december 2012). Built with Google Web Toolkit and Phonegap

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