My Favorite New Feature: Multi-Clip Sync in Premiere Pro CC

The latest version of Premiere Pro CC is seriously awesome. There are tons of new features and performance improvements… everything from cloud synchronization of settings across computers, to the new Mercury playback engine, to asset browsing, editing improvements, closed captioning, and more. However, I think my absolute favorite feature in Premiere Pro CC is the ability to synchronize multiple video clips based on their audio tracks.

You can simply select the clips that you want to have synchronized, right-click, select “Synchronize”, then select the “Audio” option.


This feature will temporally align the video clips by analyzing their audio tracks. You no longer have to compare waveforms manually to try and align everything to the precise frame. For me, this has been a tremendous time saver. Check it out, in action, in the video below!

This is one of the many features and product updates that were launched in Adobe Creative Cloud today. If you aren’t a member, you’re missing out on all of the latest and greatest features. Head on over to to become a Creative Cloud member and get started today!

  • Cy

    “You no longer have to compare waveforms manually to try and align everything to the precise frame.”


    • Skyler

      I’m also looking for an answer on how to sync multiple clips using the audio sync feature

  • Pavlík

    ok ok but how can I synch MULTIPLE clips with audio ? I got 150 shots and 150 audiofiles.

    • Josh

      yeah, i’d like to know if Premiere can do this as well. hitherto i’ve been using PluralEyes which works pretty well to do this, but its not cheap.

  • Humberto Teski

    I have the same problem. How sync multiple clips with audio?

  • Maciej Sawa Urbanek

    I’d extract the audio from one of the files (choosing the one with best audio track) and then use the resultant wave as the Audio track to which all of them will synchronise in Premiere.

  • sepano

    Is it possible to sync the audio of a dubbed video to the original audio in which the dubbed version of the the video has some censored scenes?

    • Andrew Trice

      as long as the audio is similar, yes, it should be able to synch

  • BlueMustangOctober

    This method will cause a smile to cross my face for as long as I am video production. Inching right, then left, a little more left, no wait, right…are days I can put behind me. Thank you for posting this, Andrew. Cheers.