Amazing Panoramas in 10 Easy Steps with Adobe Photoshop CC

Here’s a quick video I put together showing how to create incredible panorama images in ten easy steps, using Adobe Photoshop CC.  I captured this one on Monday in a sunrise session in Richmond, VA with a DJI Phantom and GoPro.

…and the ten steps are:

  1. Go get some awesome shots! – Just be sure that you’re in the same location and there is overlap between each shot
  2. Use Lens Correction to remove lens distortion
  3. Load all images as layers in the same PSD
  4. Use auto-align and auto-blend to make a seamless composition
  5. Fix perspectives with the Adaptive Wide Angle filter
  6. Fix blending seams
  7. Use the Liquify filter to straighten the horizon (use a really big brush)
  8. Crop and use Content-Aware Fill or Clone Stamp to fix the edges
  9. Apply the Camera RAW filter to put more life into your image
  10. Export and Share!

Here’s the image that I composed in that video…


Just click it to view an interactive full-scale panorama that you can zoom into.  (Exported from Photoshop using the Zoomify for HTML template I previously blogged.)

All made possible by Adobe Creative Cloud. If you’re not a member, become one today to get the best creative tools possible!


  • Charles Mackenzie-Hill

    Gosh! That’s some video. Fantastic result though. Thanks for sharing

    • Andrew Trice

      Hah, glad you like the result! It’s a time lapse video. I tried to squeeze the process into just a few minutes by grabbing a screen capture twice every second, then sequencing them into a video.

  • Charles Mackenzie-Hill

    Yes, enjoyed all three concepts you just mentioned. Had me seriously concentrating on enjoying the journey. Glad to be able to go back and watch it again!