DevNexus 2014 PhoneGap Presentations

I’ve just wrapped up my presentations for this year’s DevNexus event in Atlanta – it has been a great event, filled with tons of information on web, mobile, and back-end development. I had 3 sessions on PhoneGap – One intro, one advanced, and one a mobile frameworks panel.

Below are my presentations.  I didn’t record them this time, since they were being recorded by the conference organizers, so expect to see a video once they’re released.

Just press the space bar, or use the arrow keys to view the presentation in your browser.

Getting Started with PhoneGap and Cross Platform Mobile Development

View Presentation …


(Lesson learned, never make changes to you presentation/environment after midnight when you have the first session of the day – it will always bite you)

Designing & Architecting for PhoneGap & the Mobile Web

View presentation …


Enjoy, and feel free to reach out with any questions!

  • Ezequiel

    Hello, Andrew!
    Recently my team and I decided to try Phonegap to develop our cross platform apps.
    I have found all very well documented, enough to get us started.
    But very scarce information about the workflow, architecting and project deployment.
    I will bookmark or subscribe to this post to see the recording!

  • cromestant

    Hi Andrew, great post, I always see these presentations on proper phonegap arquitecture, but infortunately never some complete code… is there a way you could post on git hub or similar some basic app code on cordova that utilizes all you state here?
    thank you.

  • Mobile Pundits

    Hi andrew, Luckily, Phonegap with Cordova has a high quality plugin API, we just need more great plugins that expose data
    from the native layer, not just hard coded features or UIs. Nice and engaging presentation.
    Cross Platform Native Mobile Development

  • Peter Parker

    Hi Andrew such a great post!
    I am always searching phonegap presentations which gives me proper information about phonegap framework. I hope after reading your presentation my journey is end for searching such type of presentations.
    phonegap development