Aerial Photography with a GoPro Camera and Adobe Creative Cloud tools

My second article on aerial imaging with a remote controlled helicopter is now live in the March 2014 issue of Adobe Inspire!  The first article focused on aerial videography and Adobe video tools. This time it’s all about aerial photography with a GoPro camera and DJI Phantom (and how to bring these images to life with Photoshop and Lightroom).

You can read it on the web or download the FREE digital publication version to learn more. I HIGHLY recommend the digital publication version, which was created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.


Be warned (AGAIN) – flying helicopters with cameras attached is highly addictive. You may easily become obsessed with the endless possibilities.

If you want to learn more, definitely do not miss the Top Gun Flight Training For Hobbyist Photographers workshop at the upcoming Photoshop World conference next month!

Here are just a few panoramic images I’ve captured over the last year with my copter. You can check out even more in my Flickr collection.

San Francisco at Sunrise
Richmond, VA at Sunrise
The Las Vegas Strip

To learn more you can read the full article online or download the FREE digital publication, and don’t forget to become a member of Creative Cloud to take advantage of all the creative tools that Adobe has to offer.

  • Alex Sawyer

    Happy to see Richmond there!

  • Jared Lawson

    Great work with these, amazing what those little GoPro’s can do! Love to see the aerial views, keep it up California Portrait Photographer

  • Alston Antony

    It’s so amazing and nice to see how those little GoPro Camera’s can take breath-taking Aerial Photos and Videos. Myself I live in Las Vegas and happy to see the wonderful caption of The Las Vegas Strip. The editing with adobe creative cloud tools are perfect enough to bring the real beauty of potrait. I assume these are taken using one of the Dji Phantom Quadcopters isn’t it? It’s quite a doubt whether parrot quadcopters can take quality aerial stuffs like this from reasonable remote distance. Anyways, keep the good work buddy.

  • Andrew Conell

    Nice work! GoPro cameras truly do take some pretty amazing pictures, as well as videos. I hope to get a new one here real soon.

  • Jesse

    Awesome pictures indeed. Love the Las Vegas strip. GoPro cameras work great with many drones, I write about it often on my blog

  • Neil

    Happy to see such an amazing aerial photography scenery!
    Love the transformation of quadcopter drones. Way to go…

  • daniel

    Quadcopter and GoPro are a great combination for photographers, especially those who love to roam around nature like in jungle, water or in the mountains. I didn’t knew about Adobe Creative Cloud integration, thanks for the informative article.

  • abhilash

    i am a fun of Gopro camera and most of drone work great with GoPro camera. i was writ a guide about GoPro accessories on my blog

  • Envent

    Nice Pictures..