Andrew Trice is a Developer Advocate with IBM. Andrew brings to the table more than a decade of experience designing, implementing, and delivering rich applications for the web, desktop, and mobile devices. He is an experienced architect, team leader, accomplished speaker, and published author, specializing in object oriented principles, mobile development, realtime data systems, GIS, and data visualization.


  • Mike

    I have read your article and about using edge animate project and injecting them into div on another page. It came up while I was researching about loading edge animate projects after an ajax request. Would you know how and where I would need to edit my *edgePreload.js to make it work after ajax and not page load.

  • kai ettrup

    Hi Andrew,

    Can you tell me if it is really not possible to create a phonegap app that are larger than 9.5 Mb?
    (or what to do to get above the limit)

    Thanks in advance!


    • http://www.tricedesigns.com Andrew

      Currently, you cannot have a project over 10 MB on the PhoneGap Build service. I know there was talk about changing this, but I don’t know where that currently stands. If you are using local dev tools and packaging yourself, you can definitely have a larger size than 10 MB. For example, this PhoneGap app is 1.5 Gigs: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kooky/id547565880?l=cs&ls=1&mt=8

  • Paul Davis

    Andrew, do you know of any progress on a phonegap plugin for Bluetooth LE for the iphone? Apple published a ios sample back in November which works well allowing you to send data between two iphones, but I don’t know IOS and am struggling to write my own plugin using the apple btle sample. If someone who know IOS took a look at it I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard to convert to work with phonegap. Any suggestions?

  • Paul Davis

    Thanks Andrew. There isn’t an existing bluetooth plugin for IOS or the iphone. Regarding the size of the project what I would really like to do is just strip out the user interface components in the apple Bluetooth Low Energy IOS sample found at: https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#samplecode/BTLE_Transfer/Introduction/Intro.html to send data between two iphones. So I would just use the objective-c code to transfer the data and manage the bluetooth framework coordination and HTML5/javascript to do the rest. The net is I’m not very good with objective-c and can’t figure out how to strip out the UI code from the apple sample and since BTLE is hot and has so many potential use cases this functionality would be huge.

  • Jonathan

    Hi Andrew

    Can you advise a consultant/company that can help improve the perf of my phonegap app ?

  • paul jonas

    Hi Andrew (my middle name)
    I too started with TRS-80 and Pet Computers 🙂 Dad used a Apple II + (48K!… Rocks)

    I’am re-looking at PhoneGap for myself and my aspiring son (HS). (We have CS5.5)

    Screen Flow in Photoshop
    Note: This app will also be free and open source as a sample/learning resource for PhoneGap, including all of the design assets – I’ll follow up with another post on this later, once the app is available in the app stores.

    I’am looking for the above assets (app adn those cool UI design and flows) . I checked Github.
    Might you send a link if Assets, if have?

    btw – GREAT resource

    • http://www.tricedesigns.com Andrew

      Those assets haven’t been shared yet. However, if you want to just have some nice looking UI elements for your PhoneGap app, try checking out http://topcoat.io/

  • way2tour

    I created one app with phonegap. In that app am using plguins related to android .. How can i use that same www folder for all other platform. help me

  • Daniel AddingColor

    Hello Andrew,

    May I ask you a question concerning this code:


    Will I be able to built someting on this code, and then distribute the result under any CC-License or even the WTFPL?

    Of course, If you like I will include your name in the Sourcecode.

    Kind regards,

  • Gruff McGruff

    Hello Andrew, I watched your ATL Meetup presentation on phone gap and really liked it. I am a Javascript junkie that has created an open-source, requireJS-inspired development tool called structreJS (www.structurejs.wordpress.com). For phonegap-style and single-page apps it really helps to make controller modularization easy. I also host a remote module repository where developers can share their modules and others can use them by simply adding them to their project’s manifest. If you get a chance please check out my project’s website or give it a spin (https://github.com/ShamariFeaster/structureJS)

  • tiptronic

    You have a minor problem with your site-output:

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  • August Conte

    Hello Andrew,
    I read with interest your post on using photoshop zoomify images, which was very helpful. Do you know of any plugins which will permit markups to be added to the images?

    any help appreciated. thank you,
    August Conte

  • veerabhadra

    how to connect facebook. if i want any plugins or permissions

  • http://www.webcontrolwallet.com Pedro Zaffuto

    Hello Andrew, nice to meet your blog!
    great pleasure to feel in touch with another IBMer outside Argentina.

  • Godai Aoki

    Hi Andrew-san. Your “IBM-Watson-Speech-QA-iOS” app is great. So I’d like to share this app with Japanese blue mix users(I’m Japanese). So I localized this app(I added translation function english to japanese and vice versa). May I publish this localized app on github?

    • http://tricedesigns.com/ Andrew Trice

      Hi Godai, Yes, feel free to publish in github and share. Can you fork my repo, and then commit your code in your fork so that it maintains a link back to the original project?

      • Godai Aoki

        Thank you Andrew-san! I forked your project.I’ll update it later.

  • Tama Handika

    Hello Mr. Andrew. First of all, thanks a lot for writing this amazing tips : “My Workflow for Developing PhoneGap Applications”. I have a question that need to be verified by experts like you. But please dont feel obligate to answer this 🙂

    I want to create a real time location based android apps that will be running on the background. The apps will give a custom notification when the user/device’s location detected in certain point. Is it possible to accomplish this on hybrid apps (Cordova/Ionic)?

    I did some googling and found out there is a Cordova plugin for both of notification and GPS. However there is some points that im not sure :

    1. Will it be able to run on the background (Service)?

    2. Can i create a custom notification? (The notification is not just in the notification bar, it will be displayed directly at user’s home screen). The example is this image : http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s–ofFVTfrB–/18oian96yfqiqpng.png

    Again, Thanks a lot for your amazing articles 🙂

  • Yamini Sontakke

    Hii Andrew

    I am trying to create something like


    for my phonegap application can you please help me out .I am new to programming

    Thanks in advance..:)

  • Haranath Gnana

    Hi Andrew, I’m building a healthcare app leveraging Watson api and would like to chat with you on a couple things. Pls ping me if we can connect. Thanks much! – Haranath

  • Patrick Wong

    Hi Andrew I have tried Watson Spoken Health QA app on chrome for osx as well as Safari, but I cannot get it to work. When I click the ASK button, nothing happens. Please help me!

    • http://www.tricedesigns.com Andrew

      Hi Patrick, The Healthcare QA service is unfortuantely no longer available through IBM Bluemix. It has been retired, and replaced with newer, more advanced functionality. There’s currently not a sample data corpus that I can easily point to for this sample. I should probably take it offline, but haven’t had a chance yet.

  • Tommy John

    Was interested in your fresh food app, any issues with users that you know of? Do you ever provide services to edit the fresh food app to use the functionality but in a different type of app.
    We need a login screen that after login will display specific filters based on user type.

  • John

    Hi Andrew. Thanks for creating cordova native audio plugin! this plugin is missing gapless playback, pause button, seek to feature. Would you be adding them in the near future? also, I found when I play several tracks at a time, it still has a little latency. I would love to see it getting updates!