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Adobe MAX Videos Now Available

The keynotes and many of the session videos form Adobe MAX are now available online at, and are free for everyone to view. Keep in mind, not all videos are up yet, but will be added soon.

Thanks to Ray for sharing on twitter!

The first-day keynote focuses on Adobe’s evolution of Creative Cloud and various product updates. The second day keynote focuses upon inspiration – do not miss this one.  I especially liked Erik Johansson and Rob Legatto’s segments.

Day 1 Keynote: A Creative Evolution

About This Episode: The process of where and how we create is dramatically changing thanks to major advancements in technology, and there has never been a more exciting time. Join Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s SVP and GM of Digital Media David Wadhwani, and a collection of Adobe visionaries across digital photography, web design, illustration, video and more as we unveil brand new creative workflows and capabilities. We’ll take a look at the present and set our sights on the endless possibilities in our creative future.

Day 2 Keynote: Community Inspires Creativity

About This EpisodeJoin David Wadhwani, Adobe’s SVP and GM of Digital Media, as he welcomes four incredibly creative minds to explore how they foster creativity and approach their work. You will hear from Rob Legato, an Oscar winning visual effects supervisor; Paula Scher, an iconic graphic designer and illustrator; Erik Johansson, an up and coming photographer and retouch artist; and Phil Hansen, a constraint-based artist that believes limitations drive creativity. We think you’ll leave with more than a few new ideas to incorporate in your next creative project.

You can view all Adobe MAX 2013 session recordings online at: (Keep in mind, not all videos are up yet, but will be added soon).

Update: Videos of MAX Sneaks also available via the Adobe Creative Cloud Youtube Channel.

Upcoming Conferences & Presentations

I’ll be speaking at a few conferences in the next few months on PhoneGap and web standards-based development.  Here are just a few, with some more pending.  Be sure to come check one out (or all of them)!

WHERE: Washington, DC
WHEN: Aug 6-7, 2012

Where architects and developers of all levels come to gather, share and learn about creating the next generation of web based applications.  RIAcon’s goal is to help you network with fellow industry professionals and expose you to the best content.

I’ll be speaking on the following topics at RIACON:

  • Introduction to PhoneGap
    Interested in developing applications for mobile devices, on multiple platforms? Interested in leveraging your existing web development skills to build natively installed applications? Just looking to expand your skill set? Come join Adobe Technical Evangelist, Andrew Trice, to learn about cross platform mobile development and PhoneGap. In this session, you will get an introduction to PhoneGap (Apache Cordova), be able to see example PhoneGap applications, and walk through the process of building your first PhoneGap application.

  • PhoneGap Native Plugins
    PhoneGap enables developers to build natively installed applications using traditional web-based development tools (HTML & JavaScript), but what if you want to make your application do more? In this session, learn how to write native plugins for PhoneGap that enable you to extend the API to tap into native device functionality.

  • Data Visualization with Web Standards
    Do you have the requirement to create rich visual data dashboard applications, but also have the requirement to use web-standard technologies, and don’t know what to do next? Well, you’re in luck! Come to this session to learn about data visualization strategies and frameworks powered entirely with HTML and JavaScript.

WHERE: Denver, CO
WHEN: Sept 18-21, 2012

360|iDev is the first and still the best iPhone developer conference in the world. We’re not a publishing company pushing books, or a media company selling subscriptions. We’re a conference company, focused on community. Our goal is to bring the best and brightest in the developer community together for 3 days of incredible sessions, awesome parties, good times, and learning. If you don’t leave Wednesday night, with more ideas than you know what to do with, we’re not doing our jobs!

I’ll be speaking on the following topics at 360|iDev:

  • Kick A$$ iOS Apps with PhoneGap
    Apps don’t have to be written in native Objective-C to be awesome.   Get ready for a crash course in PhoneGap, a tool that enables you to build natively installed iOS apps using 100% HTML & JavaScript, complete with access to local APIs.  We’ll cover everything from “what is phonegap” to strategies for building highly performant & interactive applications.

  • Enterprise iOS Apps with PhoneGap
    Did you know that you can easily build awesome natively installed iOS apps using web technologies with PhoneGap? In this session, we’ll cover strategies for enterprise application development – everything from data visualization, MVC & distributed development, UI frameworks, performance considerations, and dev/debug workflows in PhoneGap apps built entirely with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

WHERE: San Francisco, CA
WHEN: Sept 18-21, 2012
Dreamforce is the annual conference by In their own words:

Every year Dreamforce features stories and presentations from some of the brightest minds in technology, business and beyond. This year’s Dreamforce promises to be even more informative and dynamic, with our most exciting keynote speaker lineup yet. The cloud computing event of the year is also the Social Enterprise event of the year. This is where you’ll learn everything you need to know—from the industry leaders who are paving the way—about how the Social Enterprise revolution is changing the way we do business.

I’ll be speaking on the following topics at Dreamforce:

  • Data Visualization with Web Standards
    Do you have the requirement to create rich visual data-centric applications, but also have the requirement to use web-standard technologies, and don’t know what to do next? Well, you’re in luck! Come to this session to learn about data visualization strategies and frameworks powered entirely with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Native-like Apps with PhoneGap
    Native applications built using web technologies can suffer from the “uncanny valley” effect – where they don’t feel quite right as a native application. In this session we’ll focus on strategies to make your apps feel like native apps, including considerations for a native-feeling UI, platform consistency, and user experience.

I hope to see you at one of these events!

Upcoming Events in 2011

Hi Everyone! Here are a few events that I’ll be speaking at/attending in the remainder of 2011. Come check out Adobe’s cross-platform tooling, and feel free to bring your questions for me. I hope to see you at any one of these events!

MoDevDC Meetup

Tonight! 11/02/2011
This month’s MoDevDC (Mobile Developers DC) tech meetup is all about cross-platform development tools. Stop by to see a high level overview of Adobe’s cross-platform mobile development offerings, including AIR and PhoneGap. This will include the basics of “what are these tools”, as well as some demo applications.

DC Droids Meetup

Here is a chance for you to learn about another method to develop Android applications (and make them compatible across platforms) from an expert from Adobe. You will also have the chance to win a copy of Flash Builder 4.5. I will walk through the processes of building Android & cross-platform applications using both Adobe AIR and PhoneGap (a cross-platform mobile application development framework). This session will cover demo applications, as well as real-world coding and best practices.

MoDevEast Conference & Hackathon

12/02/2011 – 12/03/2011
MoDevEast is where mobile developers and marketers gain the upper edge. If you are developing apps or mobile websites, targeting phones or tablets, staying ahead is paramount in this fast moving industry. MoDevEast 2011 will offer five tracks that hone development skills and sharpen mobile business strategy. I’ll be speaking on cross-platform mobile development, and I’ll definitely be there for the event and hackathon!