Projects, Publications & Events

“Multi-Device Best Practices Using Flex 4.5 and Adobe AIR for Mobile (BYOD Lab)”,
Adobe MAX Conference, October 2011

“Practical Mobile Development With Flex and AIR”,
Adobe MAX Conference, October 2011

“Create beautiful, immersive content and applications with HTML5 and CSS3″,
Adobe MAX Conference, October 2011

“HTML5 basics”,
Adobe Developer Connection

“CSS3 basics”,
Adobe Developer Connection

“Letting the Data Tell the Story”,
360|Flex, September 2010, Washington, DC

“Multi-touch Development with Adobe Flex”,
Adobe MAX Conference, October 2009

“Adobe AIR++: Pushing the envelope with AIR”,
Adobe MAX Conference, November 2008 and Washington DC Capital Area Flex User Group, December 2008

“Programmatic Visualizations in AIR: Real-World Implementation of the Drawing API in AIR Applications”,
Adobe Systems Online Seminar, Washington DC Capital Area Flex User Group, and 360|Flex Conference, Fall 2007

“Coding a Customer Information Kiosk RIA with Adobe AIR, Flex and ColdFusion”,
Flex Authority 2: 77-88

“Binary Data, ColdFusion & Flex”,
Web Designer & Developer’s Journal 1: 12-14

“Ask The Expert: Basics of Flex Explained”,
Web Designer & Developer’s Journal 12: 30-36

“Using ColdFusion 8 and Flex 3 to Export Visual Components”,
Adobe Developer Center

“Building RIAs from front to back – Part 2: Layout beyond the standard container in Flex 2″,
Adobe Developer Center

“Flex 3 Cookbook”,
O’Reilly Media, Chapter 20: “Browser Communication” (contributing author)

“Professional Flex 3″,
Wiley / Wrox Publishing

O’Reilly InsideRIA