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360|Flex 2012

Get ready for 360|Flex 2012! What better place to network and learn the latest about Flex development for mobile, the desktop, and the browser? 360|Flex is a chance to interact with the community and even get involved in the open-source Apache Flex project. The 360|Flex 2012 schedule is now available, and it’s loaded with great presentations from leaders in the Flex community.

I’m excited to have been chosen for 360|Flex this year, focusing on Multi-Device Best Practices.

Multi-Device Best Practices
Ready to bring the “write once, run everywhere” dream to a wonderful reality? In this session we will focus on multi-device deployment considerations and best practices to help bring your applications to as many platforms, devices, and form factors as possible.

See you in April!

Upcoming Events in 2011

Hi Everyone! Here are a few events that I’ll be speaking at/attending in the remainder of 2011. Come check out Adobe’s cross-platform tooling, and feel free to bring your questions for me. I hope to see you at any one of these events!

MoDevDC Meetup

Tonight! 11/02/2011
This month’s MoDevDC (Mobile Developers DC) tech meetup is all about cross-platform development tools. Stop by to see a high level overview of Adobe’s cross-platform mobile development offerings, including AIR and PhoneGap. This will include the basics of “what are these tools”, as well as some demo applications.

DC Droids Meetup

Here is a chance for you to learn about another method to develop Android applications (and make them compatible across platforms) from an expert from Adobe. You will also have the chance to win a copy of Flash Builder 4.5. I will walk through the processes of building Android & cross-platform applications using both Adobe AIR and PhoneGap (a cross-platform mobile application development framework). This session will cover demo applications, as well as real-world coding and best practices.

MoDevEast Conference & Hackathon

12/02/2011 – 12/03/2011
MoDevEast is where mobile developers and marketers gain the upper edge. If you are developing apps or mobile websites, targeting phones or tablets, staying ahead is paramount in this fast moving industry. MoDevEast 2011 will offer five tracks that hone development skills and sharpen mobile business strategy. I’ll be speaking on cross-platform mobile development, and I’ll definitely be there for the event and hackathon!