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More On Creative Cloud Workflow

I put this post together to follow up a few points from my last post about Adobe Ideas & Adobe Creative Cloud. I promise, I’ll get back to some technical & development topics in my next post. I’m just having too much fun with this right now…

Here’s another composition that I put together using Adobe Ideas, following the same workflow in my previous post: I sketched this composition in Adobe Ideas, then leveraged Adobe Creative Cloud to continue the editing process on the desktop.

Video: Adobe Ideas Composition

Disclaimer: I am not an artist or illustrator.  I primarily focus on writing software… the art stuff is just for fun.

Now, I want to elaborate a bit more about the Creative Cloud workflow. Creative Cloud is not just a subscription to all of Adobe’s creative and Edge tools. It’s also not just a “hard drive in the sky” that synchronizes your creative assets across your devices. It is both of these, and much more.

We’ve already covered that Creative Cloud empowers the seamless creation of content across mobile and desktop devices. You can create content using the Adobe Touch apps, and pull that into the desktop tools for refinement. For example, let’s take the sketch that I created in the video above… If I want to isolate and extract individual assets, I can do that very easily using the desktop tools:

Isolating Layers in Adobe Illustrator
Isolating Layers in Adobe Illustrator

I can also pull these layers into Photoshop for further enhancement. In this case, color correction, and rearranging some content (oh look, more elephants!).

Editing in Adobe Photoshop
Editing in Adobe Photoshop

Now, let’s consider workflow beyond just creation of content. What about collaboration and feedback? Adobe Creative Cloud empowers collaborative experiences too. Everything from simple sharing, to comments/feedback, even having the ability to break down and view individual layers of PSD files. Check out the video below for some more detail:

Video: Adobe Creative Cloud Workflow

You can share any of your Creative Cloud assets by email or simple URLs, where that content and workflow can be consumed on any device, anywhere. Need feedback from your customers? Just send them a link to the composition work in progress, and they can leave comments whenever they want.

Sharing and Collaboration with Adobe Creative Cloud
Sharing and Collaboration with Adobe Creative Cloud

In fact, If you’re interested, you can check this composition out for yourself. Here are the assets that I used to create this composition, which I’ve shared publicly. Although, I disabled the ability to download the original files. You can toggle PSD layers, or leave comments (just be nice):

Interested yet? You can get started with Creative Cloud here, for either individuals or enterprises. Yeah, I’m a technical person, and even I am captivated by the power of this workflow.